Last September I hacked our white buddleia back to just a stump sticking out of the ground. It had got completely out of control and like all the stuff I inherited in this garden it hadn't been cut back or looked after in years. I figured it would come back seeing as it was so … Continue reading Buddleia


I've made a massive mistake. As I sit here, in the sweltering heat in the driveway of my daughter's Maths tutor, I am trying to think if I have anything I can throw together for dinner tonight. I know I haven't defrosted anything (forgot) and I can't remember what we have or don't have because … Continue reading Cook


For those that don't know, Costco is an American wholesaler. They sell to trade (obviously) but also to members of the public if you meet the requirements for their membership. My father is a retired banker (a job that is on the approved list) and I am an add-on to his membership.  Costco is probably … Continue reading Costco.