Sweet Dreams

I am married to a very nice man. People never tire of telling me how NICE he is. “Your husband is soooo niiiiice”. Yes, he is. That’s why I married him. If he was one of the Mr Men he’d probably be Mr Likeable. He’s friendly and chatty and informal. He gets on with pretty much everyone. He’s one of those terribly polite Englishmen that say things like “Oh gosh I’m awfully sorry” if you bump into them. Yes, that’s right. When you bump into him. I have often joked that he has a fan club. I’ve had several part time jobs since having our daughter thirteen years ago and he’s always been very popular with my female work colleagues. An old boss has called him “The Milk Tray Man” ever since he came into the office wearing a black polo neck jumper.

But there is something these people don’t know. A terrible, terrible secret.

Mr Likeable snores.

Now this wouldn’t be so bad if I was one of those people that can sleep through anything but I am not one of those people. My husband likes to joke that he shares a bed with the princess from The Princess And The Pea. He has a point. I am very particular about my bed and sleep in general. I need the exact right conditions in which to sleep well. I have to have my pillow, no other will do. I have a fan if I get too hot, a quilt if I get too cold. My husband jokes that I think TVs in bedrooms are the antichrist. It’s true, I do. I believe they should be free of clutter, technology and distractions… so you can SLEEP. Bedrooms are for sex and rest, end of.

So the whole snoring thing was never going to work. I debated trading him in but I’ve become rather attached. We suffered for a while but then I found the SnoreWizard and my life was transformed. Literally overnight.


Now it isn’t going to win any beauty competitions. And the name is just HIDEOUS. But it works. It actually works! Essentially it’s a plastic mouthguard that holds your jaw in such a way that your airway is kept open and clear thus stopping the snoring. It took my husband a few nights to get used to it but now he barely notices it.

At £44.99 it’s pricey for a small piece of plastic. I actually found it on a half price offer at the time but if it broke tomorrow I wouldn’t hesitate to pay the full whack for it now I know it works. In my opinion, a peaceful night’s sleep is priceless.

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