Amie Skincare

My daughter has always had sensitive skin. As a baby we could only use certain baby wipes, nappies, sun creams… Even products that claimed to be gentle would cause a stinging red rash to appear on her skin. When she was diagnosed with coeliac disease aged 10 she immediately went onto a gluten free diet and most of her sensitive skin issues vanished overnight. But I’m still pretty fussy about what she uses on her skin. Why risk unbalancing the cart?

At twelve she is fast approaching her teens and with that comes skincare. I really was very lucky during my teenage years. I probably did have the odd blemish but I honestly don’t remember there ever being any kind of issue. Certainly not the misery recalled by some friends. Tales of acne that haunted their every waking hour. No, my problem skin would come later.

I was a “late bloomer”. Reluctant to draw any kind of attention to myself I don’t think I even wore make up until after I’d left school and I never took care of my skin. Not really. I certainly didn’t have that “essential skincare routine” that the magazines harped on about. I bought Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion and Dramatically Different Moisturiser which I would sometimes use (but mostly not). I just couldn’t be bothered.

I’m hoping my daughter will not follow my lead. So in a bid to encourage good skin care habits, last year I bought her some products from Amie Skincare.

Amie Range

Amie is perfect for her. The look is pretty and fresh, the ingredients incredibly gentle and it’s been designed specifically for younger skin. For those of you who care about the sciency stuff, Amie doesn’t contain any parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, GM ingredients or petrochemicals.

My daughter loves these products and we’ve even bought them for some of her friends for Christmas.

Originally I could only find them online but now they sell some of the range in Waitrose which is very handy!


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