Earlier this week my friend Lindsay came to visit. I’d promised to throw some stuff together for a late lunch. I’m a crap cook so this involved me dashing to M&S to grab some sandwiches and a pasta salad. Lindsay is a vegetarian which I remembered at the absolute last second and quickly had to swap the beef & horseradish mayo sub (delicious!) for egg & mayo on granary. All terribly healthy.

People used to make a huge fuss about vegetarians. I love that scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where Toula introduces her new boyfriend Ian (Aidan from Sex And The City omg) to her aunt and has to explain that he’s a vegetarian. She cannot get her head around it. “What do you mean he don’t eat no meat!? Oh, that’s OK. I make lamb!”

My Big Fat Wedding

As time ticked on, vegetarians became pretty ordinary and now nobody bats an eyelid. Then the bloody vegans turned up and all hell broke loose!

My family are famously fussy eaters. My dad doesn’t like dairy or garlic. My mum thinks all food is bland unless coated with unholy amounts of salt or spice. My older sister is pretty much lactose intolerant and my younger sister doesn’t like anything “fancy”. She used to order her favourite hamburger with two “bottoms of the bun” because she couldn’t cope with sesame seeds. Maybe she still does.

Me? My husband jokes that I am Sally Allbright from  When Harry Met Sally.


He’s wrong of course. I just like it how I like it.

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