Dry Shampoo?

I have baby soft skin. I’m not blowing my own trumpet, it’s just a fact. And I have soft hair to go with it. Now before you slam your phone shut thinking ‘This woman is IN LOVE with herself!’ I should point out that this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

Any hairdresser will tell you that soft hair might be lovely to run your hands through, but it’s next to impossible to do anything with. Whenever I’ve had to have my hair put up for a social event it’s taken hours, enough product to create a hole in the ozone layer and approximately 700 bobby pins. On our wedding night instead of stripping me out of my dress my husband sat behind me pulling pins out of my hair exclaiming “There CAN’T be anymore!” before “Oh, wait…”.

My hair is easier to handle when it has colour in it. Bleach and the like, strips the hair, making it an unholy birds nest every morning but stiff enough to play with.

Shush. I heard it as soon as I said it.

I’ve dyed my hair for years. Highlights, lowlights, semi-permanent vegetable dye (when I was pregnant), glossing… My husband likes to joke that he’s been married to a blonde, a brunette and a redhead. But I haven’t really bothered with it lately. A friend recently praised me for this, running her fingers through it, complimenting me on it’s good condition and softness. She isn’t a hairdresser.

I had accepted that my hair simply needs to be worn down, as is, so that I resemble Neil from The Young Ones or pulled up in its default position top-knot where I look like a Who from Whoville. Then I discovered Batiste.

My Batiste. My hand. My bathroom floor.

I always shied away from dry shampoo. Sounded like it was a product for people who were shower averse. Did it involve spraying product onto dirty hair? Eeewww. I’ll stick with my normal shampoo, conditioner, soak in the bath until I’m a prune ritual thanks. But then I started using it after I washed my hair. Sounds crazy I know but bear with me.

After blow drying I spray Batiste at the roots, not a lot, just a bit, and work it through with my fingers. This takes seconds. It instantly gives my hair more volume and makes it easier to handle. It also smells nice.

They shouldn’t call it Dry SHAMPOO. They should call it Hair Refresher. Or something.

Anyway, I now wouldn’t want to be without it. It’s about £5 for the extra large can (which lasts ages) and comes in a variety of fragrances including Tropical, Cherry, Blush, Oriental, Floral and Fresh. It’s available to buy in Boots, Superdrug and pretty much any supermarket.

A great stocking filler for a teen girl. Or a woman knocking on the door of 40. Whatever.

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