My Little Pony

mlp tv show

You know you were an 80’s girl if… you owned a My Little Pony. I was clearly horribly spoilt because I had millions of them. Lickety Split, Cotton Candy, Apple Jack, Posey, Confetti… Each pony came with it’s own name and crucially… a HAIRBRUSH. This was very important as you would spend hours brushing their long luxurious hair.

apple jack
Apple Jack – my first My Little Pony

I had Earth ponies, Pegasus ponies, Flutter ponies, Sea Horse ponies, Unicorn ponies, Rainbow ponies… I also had outfits for my ponies. Hats and dresses and shoes… even LEG WARMERS. It was the 80’s.

posey leg warmers
Not my photo. But it MIGHT AS WELL BE. I had Posey and her cool rainbow leotard/head band/leg warmer ensemble.

Boys at school, who were clearly jealous, would sing a mocking rhyme to the tune of the My Little Pony TV Show… “My Little Pony, Skinny and Bony!” they’d jeer. My friends and I just looked down on them with disdain and pity. I mean seriously what did they have? He-Man and Transformers. Idiots. We knew what was cool and what wasn’t.

My life was absolutely made when, in 1986, they released My Little Pony: The Movie. Oh my GOD… it was brilliant. Megan along with her annoying brother Danny and insufferable sister Molly, went on a mission to save the ponies from The SMOOZE. The smooze was this living purple goo that swamped everything in its path, created by three ugly witches.

mlp movie poster

The movie introduced a host of new characters, buildings and accessories. Between us, I think my younger sister and I had them ALL. Spoilt, I tell you. Spoilt rotten.

At some point my parents bought my sister the My Little Pony Nursery for all the baby ponies we had. Quite where these baby ponies came from I’m not sure. I’m almost certain there weren’t any boy ponies. I had two Apple Jacks so I cut the hair of one of them into a severe crew cut to make it look more masculine. We decided Apple Jack could be the Dad.

mlp nursery
My Little Pony Nursery

I can’t remember if it was for Christmas or my birthday but that year I was gifted The Dream Castle. This was a big deal. All my friends were jealous. The Dream Castle was the crème de la crème of all pony accessories. It had turrets, it had flags and most importantly, it had a WORKING DRAWBRIDGE. You wouldn’t believe the number of scenarios that requires to lift a drawbridge up… and let it down again… and then up again… and down again. It was one pony’s sole job. She was the drawbridge opener, the keeper of the keys. It was a thankless task. But she never complained. Not once.

mlp dream castle

Occasionally the Care Bears would come to visit the ponies, flying over the turrets in their cloud cars and they’d all have a big party. We had loads of those too! Brats.

care bears
Let us in! Let down the drawbridge!

My sister and I were keen to keep everybody on good terms and strengthen the My Little Pony & Care Bear alliance. You never knew when the smooze would arrive and you’d need assistance.

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