By the power of…

People often comment on how different Younger Sister and I are from one another. She’s wild, I’m calm. I love books, she prefers movies. She likes to sun bathe, I hide in the shade.  I avoid confrontation whilst she could have a row with a brick wall. I psyche myself up for weeks just to have highlights, she’ll dye her hair candyfloss pink on a whim. We are very different. And this is illustrated perfectly by the POWER OF HANDBAGS.

Younger Sister came round today to see how I was getting on and when I attempted to lift her handbag up I very nearly fell over. Yes, I’m a wimpy weakling right now, but seriously you’d need some muscles to lug her bag around all day. We were bored and that’s when we decided to play WHAT’S IN YOUR HANDBAG. Look, it’s January. It’s cold and grey and I wasn’t up to going out, just run with this folks.

We upturned her handbag and to be frank, the WORLD fell out.

Katrina Handbag
I wasn’t kidding.

In no particular order her bag contained: mobile, money/loose change, hair clips/grips/bobbles, earrings x3 pairs, paperwork, an entire make up counter, FIVE lip balms, Tampax, Always, medication, asthma inhalers x3, headache tablets x3, son’s toys x2, receipts, plasters x2 packs, card games x3, sweets/mints x4 packs, cough sweets, perfume, dog poo bags, spare children’s underwear & socks, chocolate, a pair of scissors, notebook, keys, mirror, deodorant, purse x2, dental floss, clothes brush, earphones, FOUR antibacterial hand gels, toothbrush, phone charger, diabetic kit, lucky charms, tissues, wet wipes, orange juice, book, whistle, graze box, pens, pencils and chewing gum.

And she claims she normally also carries two books, a hairbrush and nail kit!

It didn’t take quite so long to go through my bag. Mine contained a wallet, a mobile, gloves, tissues, hand cream, perfume, lip balm, car keys and a bottle of water.

Kim Handbag
I’m taking the photo with the mobile phone.

This comes as no surprise to either of us. My sister is Queen of the Hoarders. She’s always apportioning sentimental value to meaningless objects, unable to throw anything away. Whereas unable to function in clutter and disorder I purge on a regular basis. My husband has been known to clutch items to his chest and say “You’re not chucking this!”.

So which category do you fall into? My minimalist handbag or Mary Poppins Magic Carpet Bag? At least I know who to go to when I need lip balm.

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  1. Janine says:

    I don’t use a handbag at all ever 🙂

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