Spring Flowers

Sunshine in a vase! (Vase from Gisela Graham)

We’ve had the mildest, wettest Winter on record… the weather people love to say “on record”. I’m certain it’s their favourite thing.

As a result all our Spring flowers have made an early entrance. I for one, am loving it. When these flowers usually appear around March I go a bit doolally with excitement. I always fill the house with daffodils. That burst of yellow is like a ray of sunshine. They only cost about £1 a bunch and there are always millions of them lined up in buckets at every petrol station, every supermarket.

Maybe you don’t like daffodils – maybe you have xanthophobia? (see my Phobia post). There are loads of other Spring flowers readily available at the moment, most notably tulips which come in every colour of the rainbow. So no complaining.

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  1. davegore2005 says:

    I too love daffs, we always have flowers at home but whether or not it is so early or what the quality really hasn’t been up to scratch yet

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    1. Really? I’ve had a couple of bunches now and they have been beautiful. My favourites are the speciality daffs but I haven’t seen any of those for sale yet!


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