This one is for the women.

Have you got Clue? No, not the murder mystery game (known as “Cluedo” in the UK) but the period app. Not period as in a full stop. Period as in period.

Clue is the Period and Ovulation Tracker app.

You download it (for free!) from the App Store, enter in your basic information such as age, height etc. and off you go!


Within a short space of time the app is able to pick up patterns in your cycle and can predict when your next period is due and even when you’re most likely to get pregnant.

I only use it in its basic function but it has 31 tracking options including periods, birth control, cramps, emotions, weight, sleep, sex, hair, basal body temperature, exercise, pain, energy and cravings.

It also has a whole section called Cycle Science where you can read up on medical and scientific information by category.

Whether you’ve just started your periods, want to know when to expect PMS or are trying for a baby then Clue is there to help. This app really is all-singing all-dancing.

Perhaps what I love most about it is its no nonsense approach. It hasn’t been girlied up. They promise “to guarantee no flowers, butterflies, euphemisms or pink – ever.” Love it.

You can read more about Clue by clicking here.

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