Leap Year

2016 is a Leap Year. For those that don’t know, a leap year, which occurs every 4 years, is when we get an extra day (29th February). The day is added because the Earth doesn’t orbit the sun in exactly 365 days. So essentially it’s used to synchronize the calendar year with the solar year. Julius Caesar introduced the whole thing. Those Romans were a clever bunch. Anyway that’s as much as I know so don’t ask any questions.

There’s plenty of folklore and traditions that go with a leap year but perhaps the most well known is that 29th February is the day that women traditionally propose marriage to men. Not random men they’ve bumped into in the supermarket you understand. The man in their life. 


I am always bowled over by the sheer bravery of anyone who proposes. It takes GUTS. And I think the woman asking the man is crazy brave. I would never do it. I know I wouldn’t. I would never ever have the cajones!

If my husband hadn’t proposed, we’d be shacked up in sin with our daughter and our cat and I honestly don’t think it would have bothered me. But my husband wanted to get married. After proposing, then clarifying I was in agreement (I was so shocked I actually forgot to give him an answer!), he added “And none of that long engagement *silliness. I want to get married within the year”. No dawdling for Mr Kimberly. We were hitched within 15 months.

My friend Hannah took matters into her own hands when her laid-back boyfriend who “…took two years to pick a new TV!” didn’t seem to be in any hurry. After days of chickening out whilst on holiday she eventually proposed when they got back home and he said “Go on then”. She didn’t even do it in a leap year! That’s just how she rolls.

amy adams leap year

So if you’re thinking of popping the big question to your fella then you have a few days to gird your loins. I wouldn’t recommend jumping the gun though. We all saw the YouTube video, that went viral in 2012, of the young woman proposing to her boyfriend of two weeks – yes TWO WEEKS – in front of loads of people at a house party. Rejected (sensible chap!) she then flew into a rage. Lucky escape I’d say.


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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    I know someone who, on being proposed to, brought out the giant wedding folder she’d pulled together in readiness.

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    1. Oh God nooooooo! 🙈


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