Bloom & Wild 

We’ve all used Interflora, or one of their counterparts, before. Valentine’s, New Baby, Get Well Soon… there are loads of occasions where flowers are a welcomed offering. The thing that makes Bloom&Wild a bit different is that as well as offering beautiful hand tied bouquets they also offer Letterbox Flowers.

bloom and wild 3

Now before you shoot the idea of flowers being posted down in flames just hear me out. Not everybody is around during delivery hours to receive flowers. And not everybody is on excellent terms with their neighbours (I read in The Guardian just this weekend that a third of people wouldn’t recognise their neighbours if they passed them on the street). For these busy folk I think letterbox flowers are a genius idea. Yes, you have to unwrap them and arrange them in the vase yourself but STOP BEING SO UNGRATEFUL SOMEONE JUST SENT YOU SOME BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS.

Ordering them is a doddle! You can visit the website or download the free app. Simply choose whether you want Letterbox Flowers or a Hand-Tied Bouquet, select the named arrangement you like best and then proceed to payment. You can add chocolates, biscuits, candles… even handcream to your order! Next day delivery is FREE.

bloom and wild 2.png

They also offer a subscription service where you can sign up for flowers to be delivered monthly, fortnightly or weekly (Imagine!).

bloom and wild freya

Mother’s Day is Sunday, 6th March so get cracking!


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  1. chazabelle123 says:

    Absolutely! Letterbox flowers are one of the best innovations in this industry for years.
    In fact it’s so exciting I started my own florist! To celebrare pre-launch we’re giving away flowers to early birds who get their email on the list.

    If free letterbox flowers take your fancy too, then head to before entries close.


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