Yes, POO. You ‘eard! Dr Gillian McKeith has made a career out of the stuff.

When my daughter was very small we had a book called Everybody Poos. It was BRILLIANT.

It was all about… you guessed it… pooing. There were even handy illustrations. It was most informative.

When you have small children you deal with a lot of poo. There are the 2+ years of nappies and then you tackle potty training (and thank GOD IN HEAVEN ABOVE for having wooden floors instead of carpets). Then all the poo talk kind of goes away and life finds a sort of poo-free balance. The days of discussing nappy rash and sore bottoms are over.

Until one day, when you’re having tea and cake and a perfectly civilised conversation, suddenly everyone starts talking about the most dreaded of toilet talk… hemorrhoids. I don’t have piles – this isn’t one of those blogs – and I don’t know a great deal about them. Except that they are rip-your-own-skin-off horrific.

They are particularly common in pregnant women. They can happen either over the course of the pregnancy or during the birth. It’s not all that surprising that your downstairs can be ruined when you push something the size of a watermelon out of your hoohah! My daughter came out of the sunroof *makes the sign of the cross*.

But it’s not just pregnant women. A growing number of people, at all stages of life, are suffering from them, as well as all sorts of other toilet related problems. Turns out we haven’t been going about it the right way. Pooing that is.

toilet man
He’s doing it ALL WRONG.

I’m all about books and if there’s a bodily function you can guarantee that there’s a book about it. Giulia Enders’ book Gut deals with the subject head on. She isn’t shy and says it like it is. We poo incorrectly. We’re supposed to squat. It’s all about sphincters and the gut and bacteria. I cannot wait to read it!

GUT book
Pretty, fresh faced poo expert.

I’m particularly interested that the gut comprises two-thirds of our immune system. This is one of the reasons why people with coeliac disease or inflammatory bowel disease (such as Crohns) can have suppressed immune systems. The stomach, bowel and gut all have to work together to break down our food/drink, absorb nutrients and energy and get rid of the waste. If one of these functions isn’t working properly you get sick. Enders also believes that our gut microbiotia is linked to our moods and even depression. Good health starts with good gut health! It’s fascinating stuff.


And if you find the whole thing rather distasteful just remember, everybody poos.

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    trying to eat my dinner here

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