Man Flu

For the purposes of this blog post there are two different types of men. Type A and Type B. My husband is Type A. The one who will literally stop for nothing. It has been years since he saw a GP “It’s just a virus, there’s nothing they can do anyway”. My husband would need a leg to be hanging off to miss a day’s work. He has meetings. Things to do! People to see! His general attitude is ‘Take some Berocca and CARRY ON’.

Then there’s Type B. Type B’s don’t get a cold or just have a headache. Type B have MAN FLU. Man Flu can strike at any time for Type B’s. Quite often it’s after a full-on weekend “I’m not hungover I have flu!”. Man Flu can be very serious indeed. It can knock your chap out for entire weekends and only copious amount of fussing and pampering will see him right.

Sometimes I secretly wish my husband was a bit more Type B. I am an excellent nurse if I do say myself. I would mop his brow and bring him food in bed and generally make a huge fuss of him. But, no.

Disclaimer: I am not an actual nurse. Although I did ace my Biology GCSE.

Anyway, should the lurgy strike there are plenty of things to take. I’m always a bit wary of these preventative medications that seem to be everywhere (I’m looking at you First Defense). Surely taking medicine before you’re actually sick is lowering the chance of medicines working when you actually need them? But hey, despite my nursely aptitude, I didn’t actually go to medical school so I won’t criticise too much. For all I know they work wonders and are a miracle of modern medicine.

The below image isn’t a mock up. It’s actually a real product! How wonderful is that? ManFlu sell various products including their Hot or Shot (below), Lozzers (throat lozenges), menthol tissues, effervescent vitamin tablets and even chicken soup! Perfect for the suffering man in your life.

If you really think he’s putting it on you could just give him this novelty mouth spray. As far as I can tell it’s just a minty mouth refresher but it might make him feel better. Maybe.

man flu mouth spray
Man Flu Mouth Spray £3.99 from

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  1. Rob says:

    I’d like to put on record here that I NEVER say I’ve got flu! NEVER! DO YOU HEAR ME?!!???!?

    I had proper flu once about 30 years ago and that cured me of claiming that any old virus that’s a bit worse than a cold is ‘flu’. I honestly thought I might die.

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