Mother’s Day 

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday (in the UK). You’ve still got loads of time to grab a card and some chocolates. But if your mother lives far away then get thyself to Moonpig forthwith!

I’m not going to harp on about Mother’s Day. Yes, it’s a day for thanking our mothers for all they do for us. But it can also be an overwhelmingly sad day for those that have lost their mothers, or those who wanted to be mothers and aren’t.

So instead lets have a right good laugh at these cards!

My card last year. Not broken anything? LIES.
text card
bad parent
Can also be re-used for Father’s Day. Thrifty.
This is most of us I should imagine.
no exchanges
True dat.
boobs card
Just no.
milf card
Someone call Social Services.

And the award goes to…

vagina card


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