Fat Cat

Today is our cat’s first birthday. He is my pride and joy and I must confess to feeling some sadness that I won’t be able to call him “my kitten” any longer. Yesterday he went for his check up at the vet and she informed me that our precious, fluffy bundle of love is… fat. Excuse me? I thought he was rather slinky and perfect actually! But apparently not. He weighs 5kgs which I am informed is mahoosive by cat standards. The Dreamies have to go. No more sneaky squirts of whipped cream when no one’s looking and a switch to the lighter version of his cat food.

So not only is he no longer little in age he is no longer little at all. *sniff*


No need to rub it in!
*cancels kitty birthday cake*

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  1. davegore2005 says:

    5kg, that’s a baby, our big ginger boy is not much short of 7kg and all muscle, and aged over 1 or not, my boy is 6 and still my kitten

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    1. Is he a Maine Coon?? Haha! That’s HUGE. Awww… Crofty will always been my kitten!


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