It will be the one year anniversary of moving into our home in April so I’ve been trying to get some house stuff done for then. This time limit is totally self imposed but I do tend to be more productive when there’s a deadline in place and the year anniversary feels like a good goal. I really want to have my daughter’s room done by then.

This Friday we have Radiator Man coming to remove her existing radiator and install a new slimline radiator under the window. People always say “Don’t do that! All the heat will fly out the window!” but the plumbers we spoke to said with today’s well insulated double glazed windows that’s really no longer the case. Plus a window wall is effectively a “dead wall” already. By placing the radiator under the window it frees up the other walls for furniture which is crucial in a smaller room.

Once the radiator is done, the Chuckle Brothers (my affectionate name for our decorators – they really are brothers!) are coming on Monday and Tuesday to repaint. I’m the queen of neutral. My husband always jokes “What colour are we going for? Swan Wing or Dove’s Breath?”. What can I say? I like whites. We’ve opted for Moon Shimmer from Dulux’s Light & Space range. Light & Space has been designed especially for smaller areas and contains light reflective particles to reflect up to twice as much light back into your room, when compared to other conventional emulsion paints. I find people are hilariously snobby about paint. I don’t care if it’s Farrow & Ball or Homebase, just so long as I like the colour and the finish.

Once all that’s done we shall make a pilgrimage to Ikea for a design-your-own wardrobe. In white of course.

Countdown to April has begun…

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