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oven cleaning

I couldn’t believe it when my friend Kate confessed that she hadn’t cleaned her oven in ten years. Not once. In a decade. The Monica Geller in me practically fainted. It’s OK now though. She’s currently renovating her house and centre stage of the new kitchen will be a self cleaning oven (I pretty much insisted on it).

I am a bit of a neat freak and whilst I don’t clean my oven every week I do like to give it a good clean every couple of months. I used to use Lakeland’s Oven Cleaner but now I use Oven Pride. It’s messy but minimal effort.

oven pride

The pack contains a thick plastic bag into which you place your (cold) oven trays. Then you squirt some of the viscous liquid into the bag. Seal and place flat allowing the gloop inside to coat the trays. Use the remaining liquid to coat the walls, floor and inside door of the oven. I use the brush from my Lakeland oven cleaner kit which is like a pastry brush. I sort of paint it on getting into all the corners. But you can use a sponge or suchlike. Once the oven has had a good coating you then leave it to work. Time depends on how dirty the oven is. If it’s been a decade I’d say leave it for a fortnight. I am of course joking… I tend to leave it for a couple of hours. Obviously you shouldn’t take my word as gospel, please do follow the instructions.

The messy bit is when you have to wipe it all off. You need to extract the trays from the plastic bag, make sure you wear the gloves for this bit. You chuck the bag away and rinse the trays. I rinsed mine but ran them through a cycle in the dishwasher as well just to remove any possible residue. They looked brand new.

You’ll need a sponge, a bowl of hot water and a lot of patience for the oven itself. I just wipe it all off in long clean strokes (no scrubbing required), soaking and wringing out the sponge in the bowl of water until it’s all done. You might need to replace the water occasionally as it’s usually black within minutes. I once borrowed my friend Hannah’s steam cleaner to go over the inside of my oven after I’d cleaned it to give it a really thorough clean. A faff but super results!

kim oven
Ta Dah!

Nobody likes cleaning but there is something extremely addictive about this job as the results are instantaneous and it’s so satisfying I can’t tell you. If I’d known I’d have volunteered to clean Kate’s! 😉

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  1. stellabranch says:

    My husband is always wingeing at me to clean my oven. I usually do it before Christmas. I haven’t killed anyone so what’s the problem?


    1. I do find my oven works better when it’s clean!

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