Garden Fence

This week has been all about our garden fence. Replacing the fence has been in discussion since we moved in a year ago. We knew at the outset that the fence wasn’t in good nick. It was rotted in places and for the most part it was annoyingly half height, meaning you could literally step over into the neighbour’s garden should you wish to. Then Storm Katie came along and finished it off entirely. 

Turned out our neighbour has a friend who has his own garden company and he does all sorts, including clearing, fences and patios. Perfect! He came along with his twin brother to do the job – what is it with me hiring brothers? (Click here to read about my decorators!)

We opted for concrete posts and gravel boards. A lot of people don’t like these as it’s a bit industrial looking but it makes for a much sturdier fence and actually now it’s in I like the look of it. It isn’t nearly as harsh as I’d feared.

*Note the two new slabs – they broke the originals when they were digging out concrete on the other side. I’ve shown my dad and he’s now itching to come and clean the whole patio with his pressure washer. I had no idea itwas SO dirty. 

We want to replace the patio anyway. It isn’t fixed so is uneven in places and my husband hates it. It’s also been laid over a man hole cover which is technically illegal. Another job for the list! 
In the meantime I shall just sit and enjoy staring at my fence. Yes, really.

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