Slugs be gone!

Slugs and snails have been having a field day eating my hydrangeas.

I’m wary of putting down poisons and pesticides particularly as we have a young cat. But I recently heard that coffee grounds deter them. This titbit didn’t come to me via Gardener’s World or some other trustworthy source but an episode of Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope has never lead me astray before so I’ve dutifully created a ring of coffee grounds around each of them. Here’s hoping.

In good garden news my pot of mini (dwarf?) alliums are looking very pretty.

I’ve even made this pic my lock screen on my phone. That’s how sad I am.


6 thoughts on “Slugs be gone!

  1. Ugh. There are things I don’t even bother with because I know the slugs will eat them (my ornamental cabbage lasted three days).

    The alliums are looking very nice. I hope mine look like that soon. Did you ever try white alliums?


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