Just a quick note to remind you all to set your boxes to record the new raunchy French drama Versailles that starts this week (9:30pm Wed, BBC2). 

It’s the most expensive French TV series ever made. It’s also the first French series to have a second season commissioned before the first had aired. Written by two Brits it’s English speaking rather than French, which was considered somewhat scandalous but seems to have paid off, awarding Canal+ its highest ratings ever for a fictional series. 

I bloody love stuff like this. It’s all sex, scandal and intrigue as we watch young monarch Louis XIV move his court from Paris to the newly built Versailles. 

The Mail on Sunday said this series “dressed up pornography and violence in a cravat and tights”. If that isn’t reason enough to watch I don’t know what is.

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    Yep, got my TiVo set up to record. Antonia Fraser wrote a great book about Louis XIV – did you ever read it?

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    1. I haven’t! The only Antonia Fraser book I’ve read was about Marie Antoinette which I loved.


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