Felipure & More Cat Food 


Now you may remember that a little while ago my beautiful perfect cat Crofty was called overweight by the vet. I took this opportunity to review his food. He was eating a well known brand of dry cat food that was classed as “superior nutrition”. For the first time I read the ingredients in detail and started comparing brands. That’s when I discovered that not all cat foods are created equal. The food we were feeding him was supposed to be good; it was pretty expensive. Even the vet stocked it. But the vet said this was mostly because that brand offers a range of prescription foods for animals with medical conditions.

More research revealed that some cat foods don’t even tell you what percentage of the food is meat. Cats are carnivores so I consider this to be a basic requirement. With the food that does list the specifics the meat content was staggeringly low. Some of the wet food I looked at was as low as 5% meat and was bulked out with stuff like grains and ash.

Whilst comparing the food in our local Pets Corner store the manager came over to chat. I asked him what he thought about the food without telling him which brand my cat was eating. He pointed to our food and said “Personally, I don’t rate this one. You’re just paying for the label”. Ah.

In the end I settled on the lesser known British brand MORE. Due to the higher protein content Crofty has loads more energy. Our most recent trip to the vet revealed that he has lost weight so this bodes well. I may still shop around and see what’s out there but for now More is ticking the boxes. If you want to read up about More Pet Foods click here.

And whilst we’re talking all things cat I can now recommend this new litter. It’s called Felipure and comes in a very chic white box. I mean it’s still CAT LITTER but it’s as pretty as that comes.

Our cat barely uses the litter tray and I had considered getting rid of it altogether but I was glad I didn’t when we went through the whole leg abscess incident and Crofty had to be locked in the house for days.

This litter has an antibacterial coating that keeps the litter tray hygienic. Some other litters, if left sitting around too long, can become smelly or mouldy. It also clumps instantaneously and has amazing odour control. My only issue is that it has the consistency of sand so it may be tracked through the house. Will have to see. The absolute best thing about it is that the scented version smells of freshly cut grass! Now that is impressive!

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