I’ve spent my fair share of time in hospital with my daughter. There has been illness but also two broken wrists. When you’re sitting in paediatric A&E you are surrounded by poorly or injured children and their parents. Some parents are fretful, the worry etched on their faces. Others look positively blasé. 

In one 4 hour visit I got chatting to a fellow mum. My daughter had come off a horse and we were awaiting X Rays and a CT scan. The other mum explained her son had sliced his hand open with a kitchen knife. I gasped in horror. How did it happen?? “Oh” she said with a resigned expression “He wanted to see how sharp it was so he ran it across his palm… turns out it was pretty sharp”. 

She then went on to tell me how her son was always “getting into scrapes” and that he liked to “explore”. I remember her saying that it was their second trip to A&E that month. Something about bashing his knee falling out of a tree or off a roof. She joked that she had a favourite chair. Some mothers really do ‘ave ’em. 

I don’t feel this way about my daughter. She’s not especially accident prone but medical reasons have left her with questionable bone strength, or at least it did for a while (hence the broken wrists), so we’ve had to be cautious after falls etc. But I cannot say the same about my cat. 

Yes you heard. MY BLOODY CAT. 

The troublesome feline is currently at the vet’s (again). We had to rush him over on Sunday (why why WHY is it always out-of-hours on a Sunday?!). Turns out he had licked/eaten something corrosive and it had chemically burnt his tongue and the inside of his mouth. We still don’t know what it was. Slug/Rat poison put out by a neighbour? A puddle of petrol or engine oil? Garden fertiliser? 

His burnt tongue was causing him great pain as well as preventing him from drinking or eating. He was drooling the way Homer Simpson does over a plate of doughnuts. But he couldn’t clean himself due to said burnt tongue. I’m painting an attractive picture I know.

The vet said he needed to stay overnight. He would be hooked up to fluids to flush out any potential posions he may have ingested. They also wanted to give him some strong painkillers and take full bloods, again to check nothing bad was going on internally. 

I called this morning to check on his progress and the vet gushed about him. It would appear that he has been charming everyone at the surgery. “What a LOVELY cat you have. He’s so affectionate.” I could have cried. I didn’t sleep well because I was so worried about him. His bloods didn’t show any danger signs, he’s much more comfortable as he’s off his face on drugs and he’s well hydrated due to the intravenous fluids. He can come home, with meds, later this afternoon. 

The bill? £400. 

Yeah you should hide.

That’s over £700 (😱) in vet’s bills in the last 8 weeks. It would appear that some pet owners do ‘ave ’em.

You can read more about my cat’s adventures here 


10 thoughts on “A&E

  1. I had to rescue my cat off the awning this morning (and I hate ladders), due to her getting into another scuffle with the neighborhood stray tom cat, because she was too stubborn to come in last night. Damn cats. I’m guessing I’ll wind up with her at the vet later this week, because she’ll probably need an antibiotics shot. Which, would be the third time in about 3 or 4 months that we’ve had to go due to injury from a fight, but I can’t seem to get it through her thick skull that she can’t run the neighborhood!

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