No Cleavage Dress

I don’t usually blog about fashion as I know I’m the world’s most boring woman when it comes to clothes. I don’t go on girlie shopping sprees. I don’t have a Jimmy Choo obsession. I don’t particularly care what’s on trend… on point?… See! I don’t even know the correct phrasing. 

But I saw this dress at John Lewis and I really like it. 

I can never actually find a dress like this when I need one. Some women like showing off their boobs, particularly if they paid for them, but I don’t. As someone who has had men talking to their cleavage for 20 years I’d much rather have them strapped down and covered up thankyouverymuch. Plus if you have a larger bosom that requires wearing a proper bra then this dress is a dream. You don’t need to wear one of those weird criss cross strap bras, you can wear whatever you like because it won’t show! 

Anyway this super fabulous versatile dress is available in black and navy. And it’s even ON SALE! You’re welcome. 

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  1. stellabranch says:

    Have you bought it?

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