Child Genius 

So today we say goodbye to David Cameron as Theresa May becomes our new Prime Minister. I could talk about all the political shenanigans but I’ve decided I’m all Brexited out.

Instead, I’m going to watch Child Genius (Ch4) because it’s always BRILLIANT. The kids, in general, are very sweet but I watch it for the competitive parents as there are always a few nutjobs. I mean, I sat with my daughter teaching her colours and numbers and letters like most of us but seriously these parents put most Tiger Mothers to shame. And of course they want their child to win MORE THAN ANYTHING ON EARTH. It makes great TV. 

Plus, as you’ll know by now, I always enjoy seeing how other people raise their kids and how different families live. It’s like my favourite thing

Also Richard Osman is in it and I love him. 

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    I love Child Genius. Currently watching it on catch up while my son watches mindless rubbish on his iPad.

    I love the parents too; they make me feel so much better about my slack parenting.

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    1. Ahahaha! The parents are the best bit! Some of them are just delusional!


  2. stellabranch says:

    There something about it that smacks of child abuse to me. Yes, it’s cool that your kids are smart (I had my 8 yr old do a Mensa Test just to see if he was as bright as I thought) but to put them under so much pressure! Even from the trailers the children seem like oddballs (mine is) and I’m not sure putting them up for National scrutiny is going to help their case. Let them skip and chase balls and trampoline!
    (Yes, mine was invited to join as soon as he was 10 as he was top 2% and no we did nothing about it. He is how he is)

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    1. Yeah, I feel like it screams of vanity. “Everybody look at how clever my child is!”. Then when the child goes to pieces under the pressure or doesn’t perform to expectations they are suddenly shrugging and saying “It’s just a stupid competition, who cares?”.

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