I’ve changed our bedding. The banished duvet has been replaced with crisp white sheets. This is because it’s suddenly summer.

22 jump street

The heat. Oh god. The hot hot heat with all of its hotness. I defies belief that I ever lived quite happily in Africa… or the Middle East… like, the actual desert. Because I am now well and truly acclimatised to England and its glorious non-weather.

As I’ve said before the UK doesn’t really do weather. We don’t have hurricanes or monsoons or (proper) snow or blistering heatwaves. We do non-weather. Like drizzle.

So when the temperatures suddenly soar (or plummet) we are unprepared. This is the only place I’ve lived where we can have months of rain and then get slapped with a hose pipe ban in the summer. Ah, that’s because it was the wrong kind of rain apparently (this is actually true).

Anyway, it’s now hot and I am hiding from it. This kind of weather does not favour the fair and freckled. See you in September!

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    Yeah but in the Middle East, you have air conditioning. I remember taking a cardigan to restaurants in Hong Kong, it was so fierce.

    Does this mean you aren’t going to post until September?


    1. Air con in the Gulf in the 70’s/80’s isn’t what it is now! Haha! And we didn’t have any air con in our home in South Africa. I’d die now! No, not disappearing until September, just a joke that I was hiding out for the summer 🙂 Would you miss me? 😉

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      1. thestarter1978 says:

        Sure would. My son is poorly so we are lurking indoors today. The heat is making people all over London very angry – just saw an argument between to people queuing for theatre tickets. Ugh.

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  2. Well over 100 here this week. I love the sun, but only if I can get relief in a body of water! lol

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