Busy Bristol

On Friday we drove down to Bristol to visit with my husband’s brother and his wife for the weekend. I’ve mentioned Andy and Lynn before in my Norwegian Waffles post (click here). They’ve very healthy and active and pretty much the polar opposite of my sloth husband and I. Where we love to loll about reading books and watching movies and eating our own weight in Maltesers, they’re more likely to be found in their allotment growing organic veg or doing some kind of cross country triathlon. But of course they’re LOVELY and it’s always nice to see them. 

We got to see their newly installed kitchen, which was very swish. We barbecued, involving sitting a chicken on a cider can which looked rather comical. We went canoeing (well Coeliac Daughter, Husband & Brother did) and there was a lot of talk about the differences between canoes and kayaks (I still can’t tell the difference). We ate scrummy doorstop sandwiches at Pickle (I had the “Rumpy Pumpy”) and threw delicious pizzas at our faces at The Stable. We even saw a youth production at the Bristol Old Vic called Under A Cardboard Sea which my daughter absolutely loved. The whole weekend was all very busy

We sat in Alan Rickman’s seat at The Bristol Old Vic 💔
The only downer was that I did manage to strain my already-twisted ankle and it swelled up like a puffer fish on the Sunday. I’d hurt it earlier in the week but then I think all the walking sent it over the edge. So there was lots of ice and elevating it in a woe-is-me fashion. 

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  1. davegore2005 says:

    Kim, I love your posts, long may they continue

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    1. That’s so kind, thank you x


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