R ❤️ J

Yesterday morning we deposited Coeliac Daughter at my parents and in the evening we went to see Kenneth Branagh’s Romeo & Juliet. 

Technically this was an anniversary outing as it’s our anniversary next month. We booked the tickets eons ago, before the cast had even been announced. I’ve never seen R&J performed on stage so quite fancied it.

The whole production was meant to be a Cinderella reunion with Ken Branagh once again directing Lily James and Richard Madden but tragedy struck the tragedy when Madden injured his ankle and had to step aside. 

Lily James & Richard Madden (Cinderella and Romeo & Juliet)
We ended up seeing Freddie Fox (yes he’s one of the Foxes). I only knew him from Cucumber (Ch4) so didn’t really have any preconceptions. He was outstanding. Lily James was very good and had a beautiful singing voice. But it was Meera Syal and Derek Jacobi who stole the show as the Nurse and ageing lothario Mercutio. Great fun! 

Before the show we had a quick pre-theatre dinner and when I popped to the loo I ended up taking a pic of the bathroom tiles. This is not the first time I’ve done this. I’d like to re-do our bathroom in the next couple of years and I’m in love with metro tiles so I snap pics of them wherever I go. God help me when it’s actually time to pick and choose(!) 

*Now before people start complaining that I took photos of the play I’ll just state now that obviously I didn’t take the pics of the cast of R&J as you’re not allowed to do that. So only the outside pics of the theatre are mine. Happy? Jolly good.

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