Alice Temperley

I love this dress. 

It’s Somerset by Alice Temperley (John Lewis). If you have a figure like Keira Knightley, all willowy and long limbed, or if you are in fact the actual Keira Knightley, you’d look FABULOUS in this dress. 

I have always longed to have that kind of ballerina-type figure. This dress would make me look huge. My hips too wide, my middle too long… the neckline would make my bust look matronly and ginormous. Plus my husband would take one look at it and say something like “Darling, why are you dressed like a Victorian ghost?”. No, not for me but maybe you’re blessed in ways that I am not. 

Also available in blue but it’s gross. 

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    Yes I like it a lot. No, I couldn’t wear it either.

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