I keep seeing this stupid advert for the video doorbell from ring.com 

The inventor is in the advert and seems very happy with his invention. It works on wifi and provides hd video for your doorstep. 

In the ad a man is sitting in the pub talking to his wife and children through his phone which is connected to the video doorbell. He asks his kids how school was and his wife cheerily suggests a take away for dinner. My question is WHY? Have this family never heard of FaceTime? Imagine getting home from your busy day, mostly likely involving work, the school run and maybe a supermarket shop, and having to stand chatting to your doorbell. What if it’s raining? Surely you go INSIDE YOUR HOUSE, make a cuppa, put your feet up and then send your husband an aggravated text saying “Have you left the pub yet?!”

The other selling point of the doorbell is that “you never miss a delivery again”. Um… except you do. You’re not at home. Most couriers require a signature. And where do they leave it? On your doorstep for everyone to see? It could be stolen. Plus surely answering the door via wifi just advertises to all and sundry that no one is at home. How DUMB is that?!

Anyway, if you like the idea of the wifi video doorbell – and I really don’t know why you would – it costs £159 and you can buy it here

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