Recently I set about looking for a coat/jacket for Autumn. Something that would be light enough to wear in milder weather but would also stand up to a bit of drizzle. 

Don’t say trench. I’ve always wanted a sexy Burberry-esque trench but they weren’t designed for the top heavy amongst us. 

Case and point.

We all know if you’re looking to not accentuate your large bosom then you must follow the rule of never wearing anything double breasted or anything with giant boob-height pockets as you’ll look twice as wide and your lady lumps will look ginormous. It’s THE RULES. I don’t know who makes up these rules, I just follow them.

I toyed with the idea of a Mac but I just don’t think I suit them. They tend to be too boxy for my shape. And I’m not great with colour. I’d constantly worry about looking like a cast member of Balamory.

I like khaki parkas but only some of them. My mum actually has a really, really nice one. Don’t scoff! She’s actually a very fashionable sexagenarian. So I asked her where she got it from and of course it’s from some tiny boutique I’ve never heard of. 

So the search continues… 😕

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    I’ve recently discovered Seasalt and like them a lot. Alternatively – Landsend?

    What colour do you want it in?

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    1. My mother in law raves about Seasalt but I’ve never bought anything from there. Landsend isn’t really my style. But then it would appear that nobody stocks “my style”! 😆😆 I’m in that funk of not liking anything I see yet not really knowing what it is that I want! I’m going on the premise that I’ll know it when I see it ☺️


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