Remember when I mentioned in my Busy Bristol post that my foot was causing me grief and swelling up like a puffer fish? Well… it would appear that it may have been broken. Not dangling-off-the-ankle-swinging-in-the-breeze broken you understand but potentially fractured.

The GP thinks I may have fractured it when I twisted it tripping down a step I didn’t realise was there. And because I didn’t get it looked at straight away it started healing but in totally the wrong way. So in a nutshell I am on around-the-clock Naproxen (now double the dose she started me on) and awaiting to see the muscular & skeletal team for an MRI etc.  

It’s all been rather tiresome not to mention ironic. I’ve had two and a half years where I could have sat with my foot elevated on ice but I decide to injure myself two weeks into a new job(!) 🙄 I’ve gotten used to the throbbing and the pulling and the aching… but I can’t say it isn’t draining. Butttt… yesterday marked the RETURN TO SCHOOL so I would think things will soon find a natural balance and routine which should help. Fingers crossed! 

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  1. davegore2005 says:

    I did a silly thing a few years ago, dancing with my daughter, kicked an oak chair, which bounced off an oak table, which then bounced back onto my foot.
    Had an x-ray, no break, sent home, very painful, week off work as I couldn’t put weight on it, got more painful, but more localized, another x-ray 5 days later, still no break, 2 more weeks of work until I could walk on it again.
    3 weeks later, so a total of 6 weeks after the accident a phone call from the hospital, can you come in please, we have reviewed the x-rays, seems it was broken all along, but after another x-ray it seems that because I rested it, which would have been what they would have told me to do, albeit with a cast or a boot on it, it healed as it would have done.

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    1. Oh no! At least it was all OK in the end 🙂 I hope I’m as lucky!

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