After my Drizzle post I have to tell you that I FOUND A MACRAINCOATJACKETPARKA thing! I knew the minute I posted that I couldn’t find anything I would and it would appear that the shopping gods heard my prayers…

It’s a dark olive parka come coat from French Connection.

Now these pics aren’t great. For a start they make it look a bit shiny and it isn’t. I cannot abide fuss so a simple design with clean lines was a must and this fits the bill. It’s rain resistant with a hood – which was kind of the point – and has four pockets so you can go for a walk without bringing a bag. 

It’s thicker and more substantial that I thought it would be (I bought it online) which I’m pleased about. And it has an inner lining with an extra layer that also zips up so come Winter I should feel pretty insulated and toasty. 

It even has those stretchy inner cuffs with a thumb hole in them. They stay invisible as cuffs but you can pull them out, slide your thumb in them and they act as a sort of half glove type thing. I’d take a photo but my nails are a mess. 

Anyway, I’m super happy with it as it ticks all the boxes but the best bit is I got it from T K Maxx so it was a bargain! I never buy clothes from T K Maxx (it’s a jumble sale dressed up as a shop) so this really feels like it was meant to be. 😊

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    Looks great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I lurve it 😊


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