I just had an email from John Lewis all about weatherproof clothing for your kids now that it is AUTUMN. Where I live the weather hasn’t changed all that much. It’s still pretty warm and breezy but don’t be fooled. Autumn is coming.

Autumn, Ned. Autumn. Let’s not get carried away.
And what does Autumn bring? Cooler weather, crunchy leaves underfoot, sitting round the firepit roasting marshmallows singing kumbaya… and rain. Lots and lots of rain.

So John Lewis are in fact very prudent to be telling you to get your little ones kitted out now. If you don’t they’ll be sopping wet and you’ll be banging on shop windows in a storm of biblical proportions just like Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin.

He looks quite happy here. You will not.
I bloody love that film btw… but I digress…

When my daughter was small and young enough to not care what she looked like I dressed here in one of those all-in-one waterproof suits. She looked like a very little, very pink ghostbuster. She wore it everywhere. Legoland on the log flume, rainy walks at Wisley, jumping in muddy puddles… She even used to wear it to wash the car with my husband (see below picture). The suit was a bit big at first hence no hands(!) but it lasted almost 3 years by which point she refused to wear it anyway.

If you prioritise warmth and dryness over style for your pre-schooler then one of these suits is a must. You can get them in lots of places but Muddy Puddles probably have the most extensive range. Happy puddle splashing!

*looks wistful* If only I could get her to wash the car now.

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