Trick, No Treats

I don’t get terribly excited about Halloween, it isn’t a holiday I grew up celebrating. I realise it’s fun for the kids to dress up and what child wouldn’t like trick or treating… but Halloween isn’t all pumpkin carving and eating your own weight in candy. 

It has been statistically proven that black cats are routinely abused on and around Halloween. Black cats get a bad rap anyway. They are the least likely to get adopted and sure enough our beautiful all-black boy was the only remaining kitten in his litter. His brothers and sisters all left for their homes aged 8wks. He was still sitting there at 11wks. Boys are even harder to home than girls. Why? Because people are superstitious idiots that’s why. 

I work in a veterinary practice and two members of staff pulled me to one side last week to warn me about Halloween. Every October vets see an increase in attacks on cats, primarily black cats. Black cats arrive at the practices and out-of-hours vets suffering from all manner of injuries. I won’t go into details but it’s just awful. Put bluntly, people do horrible things to black cats at Halloween. Stupid, cruel, heartless people with nothing better to do. 

So please keep an extra watchful eye on your beloved pets this Halloween and Firework Night. My boy is currently curled up asleep on my bed and he shall be locked in from now until tomorrow morning. He will cry at the door and sulk but at least he’ll be safe. 

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  1. alsarcastic says:

    He’s gorgeous. I keep promising to get a cat. Perhaps as a way to alleviate the crushing, bitter, loneliness of modern life. If I do decided to do it, I’ll make sure he’s black and male.

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    1. Do!! You should read my other posts about him 😂 I never liked cats, never wanted one but completely totally 100% in love! 🐱❤️


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