Those of you that read my Pencil it in… post will know how I like to be organised and won’t be surprised to hear I’ve got my 2017 diary and calendar all sorted. But perhaps you’re still looking so here are a few options! 

Get your felt tips out!

This calendar is a colour-it-in-yourself affair. The intricate designs by Johanna Basford are really beautiful but not for those without the time to dedicate to it!

We’ve bought this calendar for our daughter’s den/study. It’s a lot of fun and very bright so great if you want a splash of colour. It features a different “holiday” every day, such as Rubber Ducky Day and Talk Like A Pirate Day. It’s American so lists all the U.S holidays but that doesn’t bother us. 

A Kikki K store just opened up near us. I visited recently and very nearly lost my mind. It was a sea of beautiful Scandi pastelness. I bloody love that kind of thing. They have loads of calendars, diaries and planners but this little desk calendar is probably my favourite. 

Kikki K Desk Calendar: Sweet

I have real affection for Sandra Boynton as they were my daughter’s favourite books when she was little (check out Hippos Go Berserk at your earliest opportunity!).  These calendars and diaries are brilliant with plenty of space to write and handy pockets for lists/receipts and did I mention all the STICKERS?! I. Love. Stickers. 

I make my mum a photo diary of her grandchildren from Photobox every year. We go for the deluxe version which is a week to view on one page with a full page photo on the other side but there are loads of options to choose from including wall calendars. Takes some time to make but Grandmas love this sort of thing. 

Photobox Deluxe Photo Diary

Or perhaps this is more your style… 

This calendar is for 2015. Don’t even care.

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