Not happy

I’m not happy. 

Months and months ago I bought some pink daffodil bulbs from Amazon. 

This was the photo advertising them.

PINK daffodils!

But mine have just opened and… and… they’re not pink. They’re a sort of orange peachy middle with pale creamy petals. 

Don’t get me wrong, they’re very pretty and all that but THEY’RE NOT WHAT I ORDERED. 

Bloody internet.

I shall have to console myself with my pink tulips which are just starting to open. 

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  1. Hah typical! Is it the soil acidity do you think?? Maybe they’re pink in the right soil/sunshine/garden??


  2. Mysterious name btw… *intrigued face*


  3. thestarter1978 says:

    What lovely tulips.

    I don’t think that daffodils can be as pink as the photo you put up – it’s probably been “pinked” in photoshop. (Am happy to be told I am wrong by someone who knows what they are talking about).

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