Little Plants

Yesterday I was in Waitrose and I spontaneously bought these weeny plants for my kitchen windowsill. 

One is a mini orchid and the other is some kind of succulent. Don’t ask me which and please ignore the shockingly awful photos. 

I have one of those very narrow windowsills in my kitchen above the sink. It’s a sort of half width windowsill so you can’t fit anything bigger than a bottle of hand wash on it. 

The kitchen, with glass doors that lead into the garden and a huge sash window, does get lots of lovely sunshine unlike say, my living room which is on the other side of the house and has shutters, the bottom row of which are almost permanently shut. 

In the previous house I’d have orchids in every room. The windows were large and plentiful so plants and cut flowers always lasted ages. But this house is older, with a different layout and some rooms get less natural light. As a result I haven’t been able to keep an orchid alive very long which is a shame as I absolutely love them. So when I saw these I had to grab them and try to see if I could break the curse.

Plus if they do die a quick death they were really inexpensive. The mini orchid was a fiver and the succulent was £3. That includes the pot/jar they came in. A bargain! 

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