TV Picks

For reasons too absurd and long to go into we currently have access to Virgin, SKY, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Due to this televisual abundance I have become rather choosy about what I watch. Why watch yet another Top Gear repeat on Dave when THERE’S SO MUCH GOOD TELLY ON! So with that in mind here are some of my top picks.

Black Sails (Amazon) 

The final series of this piratical drama is currently available on Amazon Prime. My husband loves it. Lots of sex in the earlier seasons and stomach churning violence in them all. But it’s the story that keeps you gripped. Who doesn’t love a pirate? 

You’ll probably like this if you liked: Vikings or Spartacus 

Life In Pieces (Amazon) 

If, like me, you used to love Modern Family and now, like me, despair at how shit it’s become then this is the sitcom for you! 4 short stories each episode involving the members of a Californian family. Also Colin Hanks is in it and I love him. 

You’ll probably like this if you liked: Parks & Rec or Modern Family 

VEEP (Sky) 

Did you love The Thick Of It? Then you might want to consider Veep. Also written by Armando Iannucci, it’s a political comedy with lots of Malcolm Tucker-esque swearing, back stabbing and dark humour albeit a more polished shiny American version. 

You’ll probably like this if you liked: The Thick of It or The Office (US) 


GIRLS is a show that follows the lives of four girlfriends living in New York… I know what you’re thinking but this isn’t Sex and the City. It’s hilariously funny at times, heart breaking at others. It’s pretty and ugly and gritty and surreal. Nothing in this show is perfect or air brushed and that’s why I love it. 

You’ll probably like this if you liked: … there’s nothing quite like GIRLS

The Affair (Sky) 

Told from multiple points of view The Affair tells the story of when married Noah met married Alison. It’s all told in flashback whilst you simultaneously piece together who was murdered and by whom. I still reckon the first series was the best one but who am I kidding? I’ll watch this drama for as long as they keep making it. Addicted. 

You’ll probably like this if you liked: Big Little Lies or Divorce 

House of Cards (Netflix) 

Political dramas tend to be either terribly worthy and serious or very mainstream and people pleasing, like The West Wing (which I also loved). House of Cards is different from them all. Intelligent, compelling, dark and sometimes funny, it stands alone. Kevin Spacey absolutely owns the role of Frank Underwood, a man who will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals. I also have a total girl crush on Robin Wright who plays his Lady Macbeth. She’s just flawless.

You’ll probably like this if you liked: True Detective or Homeland 

Making A Murderer (Netflix) 

This 10 episode documentary, filmed over 10 years, tracks the case of Steven Avery, a man who was wrongfully imprisoned for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit who then found himself on the wrong side of the law again. You cannot help but watch this documentary open mouthed. I can’t say anything as it will give it away but take it from me, it’s just UNBELIEVABLE. Gripping. 

You’ll probably like this if you liked: OJ: Made in America 

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