Dune Raffia Clutch

I’m a very organised person. I have clear outs and Spring cleans and tidy ups all the time. But as I’ve said before I’m a bit crap when it comes to organising myself. I keep saying I’m going to diet but I don’t. I am FOREVER moaning about my hair and promising to cut it/dye it/shave it but I don’t. And I am always lamenting the contents of my wardrobe saying I will buy stuff but I never do because there’s always something else to focus on. The daughter, the husband, the cat, the garden, the house, the car… So I don’t tend to shop for myself unless it falls under the category of “necessity”.

I’ve never really been one to go clothes shopping unless I’m looking for something specific. I’m not a browser. I don’t want to go to the shops unless I have to (that’s why God invented the internet). But there’s a big problem with this . Because an event will pop up in the diary and I will have an absolute mental breakdown because I don’t have the right outfit/shoes/bag to wear to it and then I have to buy things under pressure. And make no mistake, I turn into a raging harpy when I have to shop under pressure. All the shops become SHIT and don’t stock a single thing I like. So I end up buying something out of sheer desperation which isn’t really what I want or what suits me and I never ever wear or use it again.

So I have decided to buy myself things. I’m going to go through my wardrobe to identify the obvious gaps and over the coming months I shall set about buying things I actually like and I will never have to panic buy again! Well, that’s the theory anyway.

So I’ve started with this Dune bag from John Lewis.

The strap is removable so can used as a larger clutch and it’ll go with pretty much any smart casual outfit I can throw together.

And most importantly I really, really like it. Hooray!

Click here to see my post on Maxi Dresses – another wardrobe staple I can now tick off the list! 

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