Sweet peas 

I planted my first ever Sweet Peas this Spring. 

I planted a variety in a fairly large pot in some good quality compost. Then I made a wigwam of bamboo simply by thrusting the sticks into the soil, bending them to meet in the middle and then tying them together with some twine. 

As they grew taller I used some green coated garden wire to provide some support. 

And that really was the extent of it. The rain and sunshine have done the rest and now they’re starting to flower!

When the flowers open you snip them off at the base of the stem and can then dot them around the house in any little vase (or empty jam jars!) you have to hand. My mum told me they were pretty and gorgeously fragrant and she was right (aren’t they always?). 

My first EVER sweet peas! Yes, I know there are only two but shut up I’m excited.
If you cut them they will continue to flower all summer long! 💕 

My Sweet Peas! Ta Dah!
My mum’s sweet peas. I think we can all agree she’s showing off.

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