Garden Successes

OK so we’re well and truly in the clutches of summer now. We’ve had a bit of a heatwave where I live, with temperatures reaching the mid-30’s which for us Brits is considered to be hot, hot, oh God why is it so HOT?! We’ve all been slapping on the sun cream and running fans in every room like lunatics. It’s been so warm we haven’t even been locking our cat in at night. With all the windows open there really wouldn’t be any point. So he’s been off doing God knows what with God knows whom and we’ve barely seen him. He comes home to eat and have a cuddle each morning but that’s been about it. He’s easily pleased.

Keeping the garden happy has been harder. Thank God there hasn’t been a hosepipe ban otherwise I fear my newer additions wouldn’t have survived. I’ve been out watering diligently every evening like a crazy woman (I’ll be singing to them next).

Here are some of my plants that have thrived in the sunshine *proud face*

Passion flower!

Pink mop head hydrangea


Sweet pea tower!


Pink Kisses!

Potted purple hebes!
But where there’s success there’s usually some kind of failure lurking around the corner. Remember when I told you I’d ordered some Strong Annabelle hydrangeas? Yes, well the evil slugs made it THEIR LIFE’S MISSION to destroy them. I’ve had to support them with bamboo, water them every evening without fail and surrounded them with a wall of slug poison.

Look! Pitiful.
Have you ever seen a plant that looked more sorry for itself? They may not stage a recovery in which case it’ll be back to the drawing board but for now I am hopeful.

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  1. Beautiful!! Hydrangeas don’t grow well here in Kansas because of our soil.

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    1. What a shame!! They grow well here but that’s because they love water and it rains, like, ALL THE TIME 😂😂😂

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  2. thestarter1978 says:

    How lovely. So far I’ve found that hydrangeas need a bit of time to get properly started (at least, that is what I hope).

    The slugs will be less evil now that it is raining. As soon as there is a drought, they go a bit crazy in their quest for moisture.

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    1. Yeah my first few have always taken a year or so to establish themselves but these were just DECIMATED by the slugs like nothing ever before! I’m going to leave them until next Spring and if they don’t stage a recovery I’ll pull them out and start again.


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