I bought a can of this for my daughter to take to school with her during this mini heatwave we’ve been having. She’s absolutely rubbish in the heat. We’ve had tears this week. Actual tears!

Magicool, about £7 for 200ml can from Amazon
Now, yes, I do realise children of today are incredibly spoilt and pampered… yes, yes I know you just had to get on with things and suffer through it but this stuff is actually really quite good! 

Described as “air conditioning in a can” it claims to be the first patented cooling face and body spray that can be used on grown ups, children and even pets alike. It’s bacteria free and so gentle it can even be used on broken skin. It also doesn’t need refrigeration so you can just keep it in your bag until you need it. Obviously it’s a pressurised can so don’t get silly and leave it baking in your car in the midday sun or anything. That would be dumb. 

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