Foot Update

Someone just messaged me asking how my foot is. How kind. 

I haven’t blogged about my foot for some time which I’m taking as a good sign as it means it can’t be bothering me as much as it has been.

You can read the whole sorry story herehere and here

But if you can’t be bothered (I don’t blame you) then here is the saga in a nutshell. 

Turned ankle, was a bit sore, went away for the weekend and walked loads, foot and ankle swelled up like the elephant man, agony for days, finally took myself to the GP, prescribed strong painkillers (anti inflammorty) for weeks, referred to consultant, saw frosty consultant who sent me for x rays and made me wear an air cast for months, saw consultant again (no longer frosty – I won him over), got off the painkillers, said goodbye to the hideous air cast, went for a MRI… 

And that brings us to my favourite part of the whole saga. The Ultrasound Guided Injection Into My Heel *death stare*. 

I had to go to hospital and a very nice man with a huge forehead got a massive needle and injected a steroid deep into my heel. It wasn’t quick either. It was ultrasound guided so he had to watch a screen as he slowly weaved it into exactly the right place. It doesn’t make my Favourite Things Of All Time list. My husband was particularly encouraging as he eyed up the medical paraphernalia behind me, eyes widening in panic and gasping “It’s like something out of The Tudors back there”. That’s just what you want before a painful procedure, your companion likening the medical instruments to medieval torture implements. THANKS DARLING. 

Then I was referred to physio which I have been diligently going to every few weeks to have my foot poked and prodded and stretched and massaged. I have done my exercises religiously and things have definitely gotten better. 

I am not 100% pain free all of the time but I am for the most part and so long as I continue with my strengthening exercises it should continue to improve until one day, some months from now, I’ll have no further problems.

Fingers crossed! 

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  1. Stick with the physio – good luck!

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    1. It’s absolutely nothing compared to you!! Physio has been helpful and I’m just going to carry on… probably forever! 😆😉


  2. Dave says:

    i like the sound of your husband, decent kind of guy

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