Autumn Garden

Hello! I’m back from my little jaunt in Italy and in my absence it feels like somebody flicked a switch and it is now most definitely Autumn. 

The garden isn’t doing too badly. 

My ‘Nelly Moser’ clematis has had its second wind and is now flowering for the second time. This flower is coming to its end now so it’s rather faded but there are five more buds to open – exciting! 

My ‘Black Lace’ elderflower now has large clumps of berries where the flowers were in Spring/Summer. The birds are loving them. I am loving the red berries on the Cotoneaster! 

The tiny pink flowers have made way for red berries and the green leaves are now turning crimson. So pretty! 

My ‘Canon’s Double’ azalea’s green leaves have almost all turned scarlet now. When the temperatures really drop so will all the leaves but I don’t care as I’m about as likely to be found in the garden in freezing temperatures as going to the gym at 5am. 

Bizarrely my mop head hydrangeas are still going! I don’t think they were still flowering this late last year but perhaps it’s because they’re more established now.

My ‘Tranquility’ rose seems to have finished for now but the ‘Gentle Hermione’ is still going. I have snapped off the flowers that were past their best but have two buds still to open! The buds are very pink and then open to blush pink blooms that gradually fade. 💕

I re-potted my hebes earlier this month and one of them has sprung back to life! I love that shade of purple. 

My passionflower has been my garden showstopper this year. It really is the plant that just keeps giving. It’s still growing, having covered my archway by two thirds (so far!) and is still flowering!

I’ll be putting the garden to bed for the Winter in October so will start tidying and cutting things back in the next couple of weeks. And when it gets cold I shall simply daydream my way back to Venice… 

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  1. stellabranch says:

    I think Autumn is the prettiest Season of the year. So many lovely plants.

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