Our part of the country was struck by strong winds late last week and our garden didn’t fare so well.

We’ve lost a few fence panels so are now looking to redo the whole side. We patched it with some new panels and posts last year but I really can’t face doing that year after year.

We replaced the other side shortly after we moved in, with concrete posts and gravel boards etc and they didn’t budge so will be looking to do the same again.

Sadly we also lost the arch we put up a few months ago along with the beautiful passionflower that I was so in love with.

A sorry sight.

The roots stayed in tact so there is still hope, that if I put up a new, stronger (wooden?) arch it may recover. We shall see!

But it’s not all doom and gloom… plenty of the bulbs I planted in September and October are now shooting up.

The promise of Spring! 🌷

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