Since we moved into our house almost three years ago I have been on something of a greenfingered adventure.

I have been to garden centres and on garden safaris (not as exotic as it sounds). I subscribed to Homes & Garden magazine and have Gardeners World on series link. I joined the RHS and chat up every man wearing green wellies that I meet. I have expanded my vocabulary to include words like “ericaceous” and ordered one of those foam kneeling mats. I planted bulbs in pots and trained climbers over arches. I bought a hoe.

For a self proclaimed Anti Gardener this was quite the turn around.

It’s been a steep learning curve but one I’ve enjoyed and as time has passed I’ve become more confident and taken more risks. I mean what’s the worst that can happen?

We have been planning on a new shed since we moved in but other jobs were a priority. After the storm and high winds recently the dilapidated shed we inherited really is on its last legs. I mean, it was on its last legs when we moved in but now it’s leaning perilously to one side and no longer has a door(!)

So when we get the new fencing put in we have to get the site cleared at the same time. It really is an honest to God health and safety issue. So whilst I may not replace the shed immediately it does mean I can sit and ponder about what we might replace it with.

Why not do it all at the same time you ask? Because sheds are bloody expensive that’s why. As a garden novice I’ll freely admit that I simply had NO IDEA that a small wooden room at the end of your garden can cost so much but there you have it. It’s an investment so all the better to take your time deciding (and saving). If we lived in London we could probably rent it out as a “garden view dwelling”.

Anyway, here are some of my favourites…

The Blickling, The National Trust Collection by Crane

This is essentially the perfect shed as far as I’m concerned. Sturdy, with forward facing door, window and log store (this is a must have for us as we have a log burner). Comes in a variety of sizes and National Trust colourways. Available to order from John Lewis

Gothic Shed, The Posh Shed Co.

I am obsessed with The Posh Shed Co. We want quite a sizeable shed which would probably cost about a million pounds from this place but by God it’d be worth it! Well crafted with beautiful detailing they’re prettier than most people’s actual houses. And I adore their new ‘Tin Hat’ collection. To see more click here

Platinum Apex Shed, 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Similar to the pricier Blickling this solid workshop-style shed has everything you could need! Lockable doors and windows, guttering with downpipes, maintenance-free onduline roofing, log store… You could paint it in any colour of your choosing or simply use a transparent water seal on it each year to keep it in tip top condition. For sizes, options and prices click here

Hobbit House

If, like me, you read The Hobbit countless times as a child and dreamt of living in a Hobbit house, complete with grass on the roof and a round door, then perhaps this would be the shed for you! I want it for myself so badly I could vomit but not suited for what we need at all. *vomits* Read the full article here

Maybe you’re married to, or actually are, one of those terribly handy people that builds stuff. I know people like that exist because I watched Shed of the Year. It was a programme about people that had built sheds (or #NOTASHED if you watched it via Twitter) at the bottom of their garden. These were sheds that had koi carp ponds and skylights and hot tubs and sex dungeons (probably). If you are one of these people that can knock one of those up let me know! I’m talking about the shed not the sex dungeon. Honest.

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  1. carolee says:

    I love my shed. However, if I were doing it over, I’d put in larger windows with a shelf so I could start a flat or two of seedlings at each one. I am happy I made it taller, with a storage loft over half for bulky items I don’t use often, because it stays so much cooler in summer.

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    1. A well designed, well loved shed is a beautiful thing! 💕


  2. thestarter1978 says:

    Have you seen David Cameron’s shed? That is the one I would want.

    However, our shed in London is a terrible thing, that has been overrun by slugs (the floor is rotting). Problem is, we have a terraced house so to get rid of it, we’d have to carry it, piece by piece out the front – or hoist it over the back wall (no chance).

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    1. Hello!!! Hahaha! Yes I have! It’s the one that was painted in CLUNCH paint! 🤣🤣🤣 The same as out hallway… I love the style and perfect for reading a book or writing your memoirs but not easy to hoik a lawnmower or a wheelbarrow in and out of! Our shed is for purely practical reasons. It needs to be a certain shape, a certain size, not too many windows because I need three clear walls inside for shelves and hooks and such. Needs a log store… oh the sheds I’ve discarded! 🤣


    1. I miss your blog!! x


  3. Hello! I just found this post and your blog. Love all these pictures. I need to catch up on your posts to see which one you chose! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I really need to do an update with photos, just been so busy busy! x

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