Winter Garden

As we hurtle towards Spring I’ve been thinking ahead to next Winter. I always joke that I am a fair weather gardener and I don’t tend to venture out between November and April. But I think this may partially be because my garden is very much a Spring garden. Everything looks very bare and sparse at this time of year. Last year I added things that would flower in the summer, such as the clematis and passionflower and now I want to think ahead about what I can add this year that will add some Winter colour going forward.

Here are some of my favourites…


We are hoping that once we re-do our fence and build a new shed we can plant a blossom tree next to it.

Prunus Autumnalis Rosea… commonly known as the Autumn Cherry Tree or Winter Flowering Cherry Blossom flowers from November to March which I feel is when my garden could really use some prettiness. I think it’s beautiful.


Clematis cirrhosa var. purpurascens known as Clematis “Freckles” flowers from December to February. Heavily scented cream flowers are speckled with ‘freckles’. I love my Nelly Moser clematis and think adding this to climb my obelisk would be a lovely addition.


Helleborus niger, usually referred to as the “Christmas Rose”, is a semi-evergreen perennial that flowers in late Winter to early Spring. They like to be grown in partial shade and thrive in pots so I think I might put these at the front of my house for Winter 2018. So pretty!


Many consider viburnums to be a crucial addition to any garden for the winter colour they bring. There are both evergreen and deciduous viburnums, with a variety of beautiful flowers/berries and approximately 150 species to choose from but I quite like the following.

Above: Viburnum plicatun f. ‘Grandiflora’ known as “Japanese Snowball”.

Above: Viburnum tinus “Lisa Rose”

Above: Viburnum tinus “Eve Price”

Decisions, decisions…

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