I’ve already had messages from people who follow my blog via email pointing out that there were some grammatical and continuity errors in my most recent post.

Just so you all know I HIT THE PUBLISH BUTTON BY ACCIDENT. So the post went up before I was ready! This happens from time to time. Usually I get away with it. I just sit on my phone and tap-tap-tap away writing the post from start to finish in one sitting. Just a constant string of verbal (written?) diarrhoea which I then go back to and read through making any changes I feel like. This didn’t happen with my Skip, Shed, Tree, Arch post. I meant to hit the “Update” button and accidentally pressed “Publish”. Stupid, fat fingers!

What can I say? I’m a moron. Thank God this was only for a blog post about gardening. I mean, what if it had been a list of sexual fantasies or something. Not that I have any of those you understand. I am very married.

Anyway, I’ve now done my proof reading and made some changes. Hopefully this meets with your approval.

Sorrrrrryyy! Won’t happen again (might happen again, I can’t promise).

Anyway if you want to read the edited version please click here. And if you find any more errors DON’T TELL ME.

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