Ta dah!

I have news.

The new shed is up!

I know you never thought this day would come, frankly, neither did I.

Now you may think this will mean that I shall stop harping on about it. Wwrrrroonngggg!

Because there are now so many new things to do! Like planting and gravel and hooks and fairy lights (I haven’t actually run that bit past my husband yet but I’ll just bribe him).

Anyway, here is the beauty in all her glory!

Ta dah!

Ignore the timber frame on the base, the scrub dirt, the weeds and the rubble. None of that is staying!

As soon as the shed men departed our cat, Crofty, reappeared to carry out an inspection of the new build.

I can spy on the neighbours better from up here.

They call this a log store, I call this an all-weather cat annexe.

The escape hatch works.

My in-laws are coming next weekend and my parents the following Monday so I only have a few days to beautify. Wish me luck!

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