I have mentioned Bravissimo before. It’s where I buy my bras and I’ve championed their maxi dresses. Well now they’ve branched out… into pool inflatables.

Why? I hear you ask. Lingerie? That makes sense. Dresses, fair enough. Swimwear, totally. Bikinis, after all, have boobs in them and Bravissimo, as we know by now, is a shop for women, who have boobs.

So why the lilo? Because this ISN’T JUST ANY REGULAR LILO. This is a lilo for YOUR BOOBS.

I’m not even making this up.

Yes that right, a lilo that has a recess to nestle your boobs as you lie down on your front. I can’t wait for their line in mattresses.

It’s exclusively available from Bravissimo and is priced at £25.00 You can read all about it here!

I think it’s a work of genius and my parents have a pool so… 😏

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  1. Tony Burgess says:

    With due respect that’s pretty smart stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is isn’t it? 😆


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